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What is (Operated under Anvicare, Inc.) is an internet based healthcare transaction clearinghouse.

Effective June 2008 Anvicare Inc. has implemented a $14.99 monthly minimum service charge for using services. Please view our price list for all charges. processes medical claims (HCFA-1500) to payers that can accept claims electronically. For Payers that cannot accept claims electronically, charges a nominal postage and handling fee to send claims to these payers via U.S. mail.

We offer both free claims and non-free claims.  See our payer list for identification of free or non-free claims.

We also offer other transaction services such as Eligibility (270/271) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA 835).   See all of our services offered under our “About Us” link.

Do you send every claim directly to individual payers? 

No. We use channel partner clearinghouses such as Emdeon and Availity and others as well as direct connections. If you are using a clearinghouse at this time, it is likely that your clearinghouse also sends claims to other channel partner clearinghouses or another entity before the claims go directly to the payers.

 Some payers choose to be exclusive to one clearinghouse and electronic claims must be routed through the exclusive entity.

What are your hours of operation? is open 24 hours a day through our website! You can login, upload your claim file to us, download your report from our web site and view your batches and claims on-line. When we need to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, you will be able to do everything except view your batches and claims. You can continue to upload and download reports. You can check on our system status under the support option on our web site. This page will let you know of any scheduled or unscheduled down time.

What makes a better clearinghouse solution? 

We often see a lack of flexibility in the design of the interface with a clearinghouse. FreeClaims is scaled to handle a wide variety of customer needs.

Whether you submit a small number of claims or a large number of claims, you will receive a confirmation report within minutes of uploading your claim file acknowledging receipt of claims.  You can then check back with within 24-48 hours to see if these claims are accepted by the payer or the next processing entity.

Our solution provides a text-readable report, showing claims accepted for further processing as well as claims that were rejected.  You can even correct the errors and resubmit the claims right on-line.

Who can receive claims electronically? 

Please refer to our Payer List. This list changes often.

Can you do paper claims? 

Yes, for a nominal charge(see our price list) We can send your paper claims. There are many advantages to sending paper claims via First, it simplifies your billing because all your claims can be sent to the same place. Second, you have a record the claim was sent. How many times have you heard, "We never received your claim," or "We need proof that you sent it" from a payer¹s customer service representative? If your paper claim was sent from, you can get the original confirmation report from as proof to the payers that you sent your claims.

Can you do statements too? 

Yes. You can send all your statements via a "print-image" and let us worry about printing, tearing, folding, stamping, and mailing out your statements for you at a very competitive price.

How do I send claims to 

If your Practice Management Software is EDI-ready, all you need to do is build a batch of claims in NSF format or Ansi-X12 (837p) format, know the name of the data file and where it resides in your system. Next, you would open your Internet browser and go to www.freeclaims. com. Login as a user by providing your submitter number, name and password. You will then type in the filename of your claim data file and click on upload to send the data file.

What formats does take? can receive HCFA print image or National Standard Format (NSF) or the ANSI 837 Format. If you are currently using another format with another clearinghouse, we may be able to accommodate it. If the volume of claims makes it economically feasible, we can write the conversion free of charge. Otherwise, there may be a nominal one-time Consulting Fee to perform the conversion.

What if my software can not output EDI format? 

If your Practice Management Software is not EDI ready and cannot produce an NSF claim file, you can still send claims to Most PMS systems can print HCFA claims to a printer. If your PMS can print claims to a printer, you can then set up a "generic text" printer from Windows that prints to a file. Then, select this printer as the "Active" printer when it's time to print claims. This "print image" HCFA file will now be the file that you would upload to

If you are using a DOS PMS, use any print2file utility before printing and just print as normal. Your claims will be routed to a file instead of your printer.

You may also considering at looking at our Claimstronic for Windows PMS. It can output NSF format.

How do you handle payers that required Network Id(PIN)? 

As a part of our service, you can enter the network id for the provider and payer requiring it and will automatically insert the entered NetworkId/GroupNetworkId into each claim. When a claim from the payer requiring the id comes in and meets the criteria of the entered data, a substitution automatically occurs.

How do you know where to send the claim in the image format? 

You can create a subdirectory from root and name it for example, FREECLMS. Then when you need to print to a file, type in c:\freeclms\claims.dat for the filename. After the Practice Management of Billing System  is finished printing the HCFA forms, you can go to this subdirectory and view this file. This is the file you would upload to FreeClaims.

What kind of reports does produce? 

There are basically two kinds of reports. The confirmation (acknowledgement) report is generated immediately after a claim file has been uploaded to Claim Status reports are generated and available typically within 24-48 hours when we receive a follow up report from payer or channel partner clearinghouses.

Do you take encounters? 

Yes. Encounters are treated like claims. Some payers wish to receive encounters separately, and therefore another payer id is used for encounters. Please refer to our Payer List.

Does process Medicare, Medicaid claims? 

Yes.  We send claims to Medicare and Medicaid.  Sending claims to Public Payers may involve registrations and testing which will require additional time and support to accomplish. Check our payer list to determine if enrollment for the payer is required.

I'm a billing service working out of the home. What can I use to format my electronic claims? Can I enter claims directly on-line? 

AnviCare offers Claimstronic for Windows Provider Practice Management Software (PPMS). This is a third-generation PPMS.  Claimstronic is a windows-based PPMS running on Microsoft Windows Operating system platforms. Please click here for details.

I work closely with my PPMS vendor and they said that it's not a problem to match up Clearinghouse responses to claims in my PPMS system if we receive a "machine readable" file. Can you give me a "machine readable" report instead? 

Yes, if you subscribe to our Premium Service Option. Please contact AnviCare Customer Service to discuss a particular format. We can provide a "flat-file" response and/or an XML data file. If your PMS is EDI ready and each claim submitted has a unique claim ID from your PMS, we can echo the same Id back on the response file.

We are a small IPA representing several hundred providers. We negotiate reimbursement rates with different payers on behalf of our providers. Our providers submit claims directly to payer for payment. We also request that our providers submit a copy of the claim to our IPA so that we can have the data for further study. How can help us? 

Typically, we assign a unique extension to the existing Payer Id. This allows us to route the claim by reading the Payer Id and extension as well as where to route a copy of the claim.  Please contact and we will be glad to help you.

Is there a price list of all the services?

Please  click here to view our price list.

FreeClaim/Anvicare cancellation policy 

We require 30 days notice for cancellation of Anvicare/ accounts by phone, email/mail or by fax. Cancelling the account is necessary to avoid any additional invoices from being generated if you are no longer using our services. If the proper procedures are not followed, the clients are responsible for all charges incurred.

Answers to Technical Questions

When I'm using Internet Explorer and I click 'Member Login', I get the following message: 'The page cannot be displayed'. What can I do to resolve this problem? 

If you encounter this problem when using Internet Explorer, we recommend you enable a security feature called 'Check for server certificate revocation'. The steps for enabling this option are as follows:

1. open an Internet Explorer browser, if one is not already opened

2. under the menu option called 'Tools', select the final menu item called 'Internet Options...'

3. after the Internet Options panel opens, select the tab labeled 'Advanced'

4. scroll all the way down to the section called 'Security'

5. select the option called 'Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)'

6. click OK, then close your browser

7. re-open your browser and click 'Member Login' to begin the login process.